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Our founding team has significant experience across the finance spectrum, as well as in software development, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Over the course of our careers, we have closed multiple deals, ranging from capital raises (early and late-stage), to IPOs, to running end-to-end buyside and sellside processes. We have worked at Private Equity funds, at large bulge bracket firms on Wall Street, and boutique investment banks in New York and San Francisco. Realizing a need for more automated and more comprehensive due diligences processes, we formed Dyligence AI, the world’s first and most powerful Wall Street-backed AI-powered due diligence platform. Please reach out to us to learn more about Dyligence’s product and services, and to request a demo.

Our Team Experience

Buyside Due Diligence

Investment Banking

Software Development

Artificial Intelligence

Corporate Development

Sellside Due Diligence

Machine Learning

Hedge Funds

Venture Capital

Services Offered

Public Due Diligence

AI-powered due diligence on targets to gain insights from public filings, press releases, customer insights, employee sentiment and more. Competition and market research. Automated coordination of calls with top subject matter experts across every industry.

Private Due Diligence

Automated coordination of document uploads, verification and extraction. Verification of key documents, filings and accuracy of models. Automated audits and monitoring. Automated coordination with internal and external vendors and teams, and real-time feedback and analysis.

Market Research

Insights on market trends from public reports and news releases. Monitoring key market players and inferring trends from their public comments and financial performance. Automated market sizing and public multiples models.

Target Screening

Screening for potential investment or acquisition targets. Automated monitoring of key players, and public and transaction multiples for industry sectors. Key insights from public reports and news releases.

Watchlist & Portfolio Monitoring

Automated monitoring of public filings, press releases, customer insights, employee sentiment and more. Real-time market trends, and public and transaction multiples. Identify and address anomalies before they escalate.

Do you have a custom need for due diligence services?

Whether you are an investor or a corporate buyer, you can supplement your due diligence efforts with Dyligence to automate tasks, monitor companies more efficiently, and do more comprehensive research on targets with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are a full service due diligence firm, equipped to work with investors and buyers of all types.

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